Paprika Seeds

These Hungarian Paprika peppers are great for making some of the finest chili powder around.

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Dive into the world of Paprika peppers with our exquisite collection of Paprika pepper seeds. These prized mild peppers, known for their deep, smoky flavors are the cornerstone of authentic Hungarian Paprika. While you can technically make the spice with almost any type of chili pepper, it's typically made with mild, long, thin-walled Paprika peppers that are easy to dry and grind up. Cultivate your own flavorful harvests of paprika peppers with our premium Paprika pepper seeds, carefully selected for their exceptional quality and robust taste.

Try out some of these varieties, including the Feher Ozon and Alma Paprika pepper seeds. Whether you desire a mild sweetness or a spicy kick, our Paprika seeds offer a range of options to suit your palate.

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Paprika Seeds