Aji Amarillo Plants - 2 Live Plants

A staple in Peruvian cuisines, the Aji Amarillo pepper is native to South America.  Also known as the yellow chili pepper, its color changes to a bright orange as it matures. The Peruvian yellow pepper is a bright orange, thick-fleshed pepper that bursts with flavor. The peppers have a thick skin, are 4 to 5 inches long, and has a unique fruity flavor. Its flavor consists of passion fruit and mango, with a bit of heat. It’s most common in Peruvian culture where it is used as a paste, called the Aji Amarillo paste, but can be found and used in a handful of Spanish dishes! You can’t go wrong adding this pepper in any dish, because the chili is great for sauces, salsas, powders, salads, and more. It is a delicious, flavorful pepper that is very versatile to use.

Fun fact: All Capsicum Baccatum species have fuzzy leaves!

Species: Capsicum Baccatum (85 days until harvest) 

Heat Level: 30,000 - 50,000 Scoville Heat Units

Type: Hot

Origin: Peru

Length: 4-6 Inches Tall

US Customers ONLY: We cannot ship live plants to Texas and New Jersey due to the Department of Agriculture forbidding invasive species to come into their state by mail.

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