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Aji Dulce Pepper Seeds


Organic Aji Dulce (Line 7) Packed with rich, tropical sweetness, Aji Dulce ripens from lime green to red and is an essential ingredient for sofrito and many other Caribbean dishes. Native to the Caribbean, Ají Dulce is only just being selected in the Northeast by Fruition. Our strain came to us from Ed Fraser of Fraser Farms outside Rochester, New York. Since leaving Puerto Rico years ago, Ed had been looking for a true Aji Dulce and finally, with the help of Robert Hadad from Cornell University and friends in Puerto Rico, Ed was able to identify Line 7, clearly an authentic Puerto Rican Aji Dulce. We have made significant selections for early maturity and high yields while maintaining the sweet, full flavor of Aji Dulce. Aji Dulce (Capsicum chinense) will yield better when started three weeks earlier than classic (C. anuum) peppers.

The Aji Dulce, A.K.A. the Aji Cachucha, is quite a unique pepper. The shape and aroma are very similar to a Habanero, so it can be misleading to taste the rich sweetness. My first experience with the Aji Dulce was quite pleasant. The pepper had hints of tropical sweetness, smoky undertones, and a mouth watering zesty flavor that I still can't get over. 

This Central American native goes great in salads, stir-fry, Caribbean dishes, and much more. Tastes great pickled too!

Species: Capsicum Chinense

Heat Level: >1,000 Scoville Heat Units

Type:Mild Sweet


Days to Harvest:90-100 Days

Seeds per Packet:10+ Pepper Seeds


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