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Bode Amarela Pepper Seed


A prolific, culinary pepper from Brazil that has an amazing flavor profile. The Bode Amarela pepper has surprising subtle fruity flavor compared to other small chilis, where it tastes identical to habanero-type fruitiness with a nice hint of smoke.  The only difference is the Bode Pepper won’t have the same spice level as Habaneros so you will be able to enjoy this more if the Habanero is too spicy for your liking.  Also known as the yellow goat or bode yellow, this pendant-shaped pepper grows to half an inch with large curved stems.   Ripening from green, yellow, golden orange, to finally red, make sure to harvest them when they are yellow because the Bode Yellow Pepper tastes best during the yellow stage.  Use this delicious pepper for salsas, soups, and sides like rice and beans!

Species: Capsicum Chinense 

Heat Level: 30,000-32,000 Scoville heat units  

Type: Hot 

Origin: Brazil 

Days to Harvest: 80-90+ Days 

# of Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds