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Bouquet Dill Seeds

Bouquet Dill Seeds

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The wonderful Bouquet Dill is a widely grown herb plant originating from the Mediterranean Sea area that has great production of edible flowers, leaves, and seeds. Once you start using dill in your cooking and fresh foods, there's no going back!

Plants will grow easily in your garden or in containers on your patio or porch. Mature plants will reach anywhere from 2-3 ft. tall and take 80-100 days for them to start producing visible seeds to harvest. However, you can harvest these green leaves and stems as early as 40-45 days.

With many options for this tangy-flavored Bouquet Dill, you can use this variety for pickling and flavoring. All of these can be used to flavor salads, sauces, condiments, poultry, meat, potato salad, pickles, and soups. When its flowers are broken into florets, they can be mixed into a cheese spread or omelet. Talk about unique flavor!

  • Species: Anethum graveolens
  • Flavor: Tangy
  • Origin: Mediterranean region
  • Plant Height: 2-3 ft.
  • Days to Maturity: 80-100 Days

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  • Plant Size: 3 ft.
  • Days to Harvest: 60 - 69 days
  • Origin: Mediterranean region
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