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Burning Bush F1 Pepper Seeds

Also known as Habanero Burning Bush or Burning Bush Habanero, this hybrid Habanero pepper may look similar to the Chichzen Itza. The Burning Bush seed is one of the earliest maturing Habaneros that we carry in our store, which is said to mature 2-3 weeks earlier than most Habaneros.  These wrinkled, lantern-shaped peppers are very hot with a touch of sweetness that is irresistible and turns into a flaming peach-orange color when ripe.  The taste is what you would expect from a Habanero, where it has a sweet floral taste with bitter and dark notes.  The pods will grow to 3” long and 1” wide and can be a beautiful plant for you to grow on your garden or patio!  These are great for cooking and roasting, and having these fresh on hand makes salsa or hot sauces make it easy and convenient to make! 

Species: Capsicum Chinense 

Heat Level: 180,000 Scoville heat units  

Type: Spice

Origin: Said to be originated in the USA

Days to Harvest: 85+ Days

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