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Sweet Seeds

California Wonder Bell Pepper Seeds

California Wonder Bell Pepper Seeds

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Known to be America's favorite sweet pepper, this has been the standard bell pepper for many decades that no one should miss out on. Introduced in 1928, the California Wonder pepper is known to be the largest open-pollinated heirloom bell you can grow in your garden. Also known as the sweet pepper California Wonder or Cal Wonder bell pepper, The California Wonder Bell is a thick-fleshed, flavorful, tender bell pepper loaded with a ton of crunch and vitamin A and C, and it is absolutely perfect for stuffing.

They will ripen from green to red, and most 4-inch fruits will be four-lobed and will have a very blocky shape. The California Wonder pepper plant grows as an upright ever-bearing plant that is 24 inches tall and is easy to grow, and it is resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. You’ll find that it is ridiculously easy to grow the California Wonder Bell plant – all it needs is some sun, and you’re set! Great for cooking, stuffing, snacking, fajitas, salads, sautéing, sandwiches, and many more! 

Fun Fact: Many gardeners used the California Wonder pepper seed in breeding new and superior types of peppers for gardening purposes because of its excellent size and high production rates.

Species: Capsicum Annuum

Heat Level: 0 SHUs

Type: Mild 

Origin: USA

Days to Harvest: 75+ Days

Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gary Lee

California Wonder Bell Pepper Seeds

Michael C.
Good germination rate

I'm pretty sure they all sprouted too early to tell if they will produce or not but so far they look fine.

Sean Obrien
It's early Feb???

Hey guys, I have used your company extensively years ago when the original Pepper Joe owned it. I have been very pleased with your pepper seeds in the past, especially the super hots. I am sure this year they will be awesome too. But...This is like the fourth or fifth email from you guys asking for a review. I DON'T KNOW, IT IS ONLY FEBRUARY!!! In fact, I have just started the super hots inside under lights, I know they take forever to germinate. I live in northern Indiana, I still have a bit to go before I even start the bells and jalapenos. Try hitting me up around Sept., I am sure I can give you a glowing review at that time.

Too early to tell

The seeds did germinate and I have plants. Have beginnings of peppers. It’s too early to tell but looks good so far.

Tom Pade
More duds.

No luck with seeds from here. I have lots of other plants coming along nicely.