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Carolina Reaper Pepper AKA HP22B

This product is Organic


Scoville Scale: 2,000,000 - 2,200,000 

The Story

Man, am I excited and honored to be part of the team to bring you this fantastic pepper. It started on February 16th when we met with the developer of the Reaper, Ed Currie. Since then we've been involved with the ground floor of the rollout and marketing for this Pepper Joe and PuckerButt exclusive Pepper. I've visited the Farms, Greenhouses and Testing Lab and am really impressed with his whole operation. Ed dedicated 4 years of testing at the Winthrop University in SC to validate the scorching heat level of this amazing pepper. The Carolina Reaper will now go down in History as the Worlds Hottest Pepper thanks to Ed and his team. AND you'll only find this smoking hot pepper exclusively at Pepper Joe's and Puckerbutts. 1,569,000 SCOVILLE HEAT UNITS

The Pepper
One look at the Carolina Reapers Pod shape and you just know you have to have it. Because of the heat? No, because of the taste and flavor. Do we need a new Worlds Hottest? I think so. We have the Superbowl, World Series, Grammy and Oscar awards for new champs every year. The awesome thing is each one has a unique taste, nutritional profile, pod shape and plant growth. They are all different. The flavor of the HP22B is delightful. The Fruity and sweet/hot aroma hits you as soon as you cut it open. Then you'll notice the pleasant taste and an undertone of chocolate/cherry. It is one delicious pepper. Relatively EZ to grow too.

The Value
There was a ton of time, effort and expense that went into the development of the Carolina Reaper. The great thing with this pepper is that a little goes a long way. a quarter pod will heat a pot of Chili or Spaghetti Sauce. A few dozen from one plant can last a year. Dry and freeze your HP22B's to enjoy for a long time.

*FREE DRIED CAROLINA REAPER PODS. With purchase of Carolina Reaper Seeds.

Want to learn more?  Read more about the Carolina Reaper here. 


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