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The Death Spiral Chile or the "Death Pepper" is a new strain of pepper that emerged from the United Kingdom a few years ago. The Death Spiral manifested it's way into the hot pepper market and took the pepper community by storm.

More about the Death Spiral:

This super hot chile is loaded with capsaicin oils that drip between the inner walls of the pepper. The inner skin of these peppers is light brown in color, which foreshadows the burn that is about to ensue. Flavor seems to vary with these peppers. Most peppers are fruity with citrus undertones, while some are floral with extreme heat. The ripening stages are very unique compared to other chili peppers. In the early stages it starts at a light green, then changes to light peach, finishing with a vibrant red and orange color.

In layman's terms, this pepper is ridiculously hot and exciting to grow!

Since this is a relatively new strain, expect some variability. These peppers deserve a spot in your garden. You won't be disappointed. 

Estimated Scoville Heat Units: 1,300,000+

10+ Seeds per pack

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