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Fireworks Pepper Seeds

Fireworks Pepper Seeds

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It’s in the name – Firework Peppers look as if they EXPLODED straight off the plant in a luminous and colorful display! This is the perfect ornamental plant that adds a unique mixture of colors to your garden or patio.

These plants are compact and bushy, and they can grow up to 2 ft. tall. Pods grow upright into skinny, 2-inch-long fruits that look like clusters of little fingers sprouting from the branches. Firework peppers start as a bright green before maturing to a wide variety of colors – red, white, orange, and purple!

Besides the array of colors, Firework Peppers also have explosive heat to them – up to 70,000 SHUs! We caution you when biting into these peppers, as you might not know how hot it will end up being. These make for ideal ornamental plants, but you can also grind these peppers up into nice pepper flakes or a spicy chili powder.

  • Species: Capsicum Annuum
  • Heat Level: 30,000-70,000 SHUs
  • Type: Medium Hot to Hot
  • Flavor: Spicy
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Pod Size: 2”
  • Plant Height: 2 ft.
  • Days to Harvest: 80-90 Days

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  • Heat Level:
  • Plant Size: 2 ft.
  • Pod Size: 2"
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Species: Annuum
  • SHU: 30,000-70,000
  • Days to Harvest: 90 - 99 days

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
M. Heflin

Had 80% germination rate and once sprouted, all but one took off like it couldn't wait to get big and healthy! These guys are destined to be a center piece of my indoor collection of ornamental peppers.