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Mild Seeds

Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper Seeds

Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper Seeds

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The popular Hungarian Hot Wax peppers are fairly versatile and widely adaptable fruits. These wax peppers are a Mexican favorite that are about 4 times hotter than the Jalapeño and can be used in many culinary uses. The bright Hungarian yellow wax pepper grows to about 5 inches long with a conical, tapered shape and has smooth, waxy skin. It can be picked at any stage of yellow, orange, and the final ripened color of red. These Hungarian Hot Wax pepper plant is very productive with continuous sets and will even perform well in the northern climates and short-season climates. If you plan on pickling these, you will want to pick them at a light green color. 

The Hungarian Hot Wax chili is said to come from a cross between the mild banana pepper and hot chili peppers. This is great for salsas, stuffing, frying, roasting, soups, processing, and pickling! 

Species: Capsicum Annuum

Heat Level: 5,000-10,000+ SHUs

Type: Mild

Origin: Hungary

Days to Harvest: 70+ Days

Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
David Stock
Pepper seeds arrived as expected

I ordered these seeds along with several other cooler weather pepper varieties as it’s hard to grow hot peppers in Alaska in the short summer we have. Keeping fingers crossed for a good harvest next year.

Green smoke
Doing great

Omg they r doing just great so many of the seed germinated I can’t wait for the summer almost have 30 plants! Peppers for months!!

Mild but good

I noticed these were a little unpredictable. Some were surprisingly spicy, but seemingly not more than a jalapeno, in my opinion (maybe just an equally hot but different type of spicy flavor like how a red pepper gradually warms up your face vs a jalapeño hitting your tongue like a snake). Some came out mild. A good pepper to pluck, rinse, and crunch. Overall the plant produced many peppers and I was only using a three gallon bucket.

Howard Ray
Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper Seeds--disappointed

It has been 4 weeks and neither these seeds or the Cherry pepper seeds germinated. It is not my "starting process" as other seeds did sprout. could I have gotten a bad batch?

Hello, hot peppers can be tricky to germinate. Here is the process we follow and see 95% success rate across the board. They are very particular to soil temp requiring 80-85* and can take up to 6 weeks to germinate. I hope this helps! Let us know what other questions you may have!

Frank Mack
<20% germination!

First time buyer-30year gardener. Purchased seeds for 8 pepper varieties. Had to attempt to germinate all seeds as less than 20% germinated.

Hello, hot peppers can be tricky to germinate. Here is the process we follow and see 95% success rate across the board. Keep in mind they can take up to 6 weeks to germinate. Let us know what other questions you may have, we are happy to help!