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Medium Hot Seeds

Manzano Yellow Pepper Seeds

Manzano Yellow Pepper Seeds

Plant size: 2-6 ft. Pod size: 1-2" Origin: Peru Species: Pubescens SHU: 12,000-50,000
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This unique and flavorful hot pepper comes to us from Central and South America. The Manzano Yellow Pepper is sweet but with a nice kick! Manzano means apple in Spanish and when you see them you’ll understand why. The chili plant itself resembles an apple tree and produces 1-2 inch peppers that, wait for it…look and even kinda feel like apples. This yellow variety of the Manzano Pepper ripens from green to yellow, has furry leaves, and black (yes, black!) seeds. These beauties are sweet, tangy, and oh so juicy but with some heat that builds slowly. You can do just about anything with these amazing hot peppers – stuff ‘em, make a sauce or paste, or just snack on them raw. Whatever you do, we know you’re going to love them! PS – They have an orange cousin who is just as awesome.

Fun Fact: The Manzano Pepper Plant is resistant to low temperatures, adapting well to 45-60 degrees Fahrenheit and performs well in partial shade.  If protected from frost, the Manzano Plant can grow up to ten to fifteen feet long. 

Species: Capsicum Pubescens 

Heat Level12,000-50,000 Scoville heat units  


Origin: Central and South America 

Days to Harvest: 90+ Days 

# of Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Quinn Kellis
Waited too late

I think I waited too late in the season to plant these seeds. The weather went from the 90s to snow in the past three weeks. The seeds just sprouted this week. I have heat lamps in them 24/7, but I don’t think they are going to make it.

Rosalind Malin
Manzano Yellow

The first batch didn't germinate. It could have been my soil choice or any number of missteps along the way. Pepper Joe's graciously sent me a second packet. I planted 5 and 4 have germinated. From what I have read, they do well with morning sun and afternoon shade. So, I'll plant them in BIG pots and move them as necessary. And like my Charapita, I plan on keeping them alive through the winter. I look forward to trying the fruit and sharing it with friends.

Difficulty-wise, it is harder than Shishito or Poblano and easier than Charapita. If I need to start more from seeds, I'll try the method of soaking the seeds first in a weak chamomile tea for a few hours. Hopefully, that will aid germination.

I do recommend giving them a try. Growing peppers from seed is an adventure.

Judith Campbell

Very on time delivery. Thank you! Looking forward to growing the pepperooskies!

Trish Smith
Good germination!

Another success story for Pepper Joe’s seeds! My Manzano Lemon pepper seedlings have sprouted and are growing! I’m hopeful I will be able to winter over at least one of them. I live in the Pacific NW where we have mild summers and winters.

Kenyon Zitzka
Great seeds!

Started 4 seeds and all 4 have germinated! Looking forward to these this spring!