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Mild Seeds

NuMex Big Jim Pepper Seeds

NuMex Big Jim Pepper Seeds

Plant size: 2-3 ft. Pod size: 13.5" Origin: USA Species: Annuum SHU: 4,000-8,000+
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This pepper is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for producing the world's largest pepper pod at 13.5 inches! Expect NuMex Big Jim Peppers to reach 1 foot long on a consistent basis. Known for their meaty pods and their New Mexican flavor qualities, there is no wonder why these chiles are a favorite!

Not only is it a favorite - sometimes it’s nice to take a step back from hot peppers and enjoy flavor over heat. The Numex Big Jim chile has a sublime flavor with a hint of spice, just a tad spicier than sweet peppers which is great for families or for guests who are not into heat. This is one of the older releases in New Mexico State University in 1975 and is still one of the best green peppers out there! The Big Jim chili pepper is best used in Chile Rellenos, stuffed peppers, and other Mexican cuisines! 

Matures from green, emerald green, to red. The Numex Big Jim pepper plant is easy to grow and maintain and is very productive.

Fun Fact: The Big Jim hot pepper has always been the most famous New Mexico green chile, and this pepper has been used by chefs for decades.

Species: Capsicum Annuum

Heat Level: 4,000-8,000+ SHUs

Type: Mild

Origin: New Mexico, USA  

Days to Harvest: 75+ Days

Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Smiling Jim'sSeeasonings
Thank you for the free seeds. LOVE the peppers.

We received free Numex Big Jim seeds with our spring order. Planted six plants from the seeds.

Incredible peppers. We had a drought this year, and the peppers did not get as big as advertised, however, we absolutely LOVE these peppers. So sweet, full flavored, perfect heat level, prolific, easy to work with fresh. We also dehydrated these peppers to be used in our Smiling Jim's Seasoning Blends.

Fabulous flavor, texture, yield. You can't go wrong with that!

Great Jalapeno Alternate

Really great plants and peppers! The plants are nice steady growers and are about 4 feet tall now. Constant production of foot long peppers that when allowed to go red are a good jalapeno style spice without the annoyance of cutting and deseeding 5 jalapeno's to make up for what you get in one Big Jim pepper. I'm saving seeds now and also starting fresh plants indoors again from Pepper Joe's seeds to ensure that they are 100% true. Give it a shot! Grown indoors starting in February and planted out near the end of May in Pennsylvania.

Dale Kohl
free seeds

I have one plant and it has enough peppers for three plants. They are robust with beautiful green peppers.I cannot wait to see them mature!

Big Strong Seedlings

I planted 5 of these seeds in my germination tray for the 2019 season. Four of them sprouted, and so far they are the fastest growing most hearty seedlings of all of the 10 varieties I started this year. Cant wait to see how they do in our New England summer weather.

Robert Bean
Great peppers, not sure how they fit into the "Hatch" family

Still don't know how these are related or not to the Hatch, 6-4, Joe E Parker, the Heritage type, Double cross type or the Rattlesnake X varieties. Or are all of these just the same pepper with different names. Other than that, these produced at least 12-14 per plant this year. Just wish they had a little more kick to them.