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Judged "MOST PORNOGRAPHIC PEPPER" By Organic Gardening Magazine. Gives virility and stamina? As the name implies, this "guy" is shaped very realistically. It is absolutely the novelty of the garden. Everyone in your neighborhood will want to take a peek at your Peter Pepper. Besides being a real conversation piece, let me tell you, this pepper is super tasty. It has a thick fleshy pod that is fairly hot with a unique spicy flavor. The pepper is rumored to be an aphrodisiac in South America. I don't know if that's true, but we all know the many health benefits of eating hot peppers. Loaded with Vitamins A and C, Peter is sure to become a favorite. Very rare!

My Peter Pepper made the News Anchor, Steve Levy, of ABC news in Philadelphia blush. We've gotten a similar response from T-Bone Terry of Alternatives Magazine and Laura Lewis of the Myrtle Beach Sun News. There have been countless other TV and Newspaper folks and Celebrities that have had the same astonished reaction.

EVERYBODY needs to try to grow this least once.

AKA the "Penis Pepper" or "Willy Pepper". 

Scoville Heat Units:  5,000 - 30,000 SHUs.

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