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Super Hot Seeds

Purple Reaper Chili Pepper Seeds

Purple Reaper Chili Pepper Seeds

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Master grower Carlos Jr was growing a bunch of Carolina Reapers in Brazil and ended up creating this purple beauty. It’s unknown what crossed with the Red Reaper but whatever it was, we’re glad it happened.  The flavor of the Purple Reaper is more fruity than a Red Reaper but has less floral flavor. Heat is about the same as a Reaper, maybe slightly less. Great for hot sauce and chili powder. Fruit starts purple then turns green/purple and eventually dark red/brown color. This one seems to do better with a bit of shade, so don’t plant it in full sun. The Purple Reaper isn’t fully stable yet but expect to see lots of beautiful colors and those signature stinger tails.


Species: Capsicum Chinense

Type: Superhot

Origin: Brazil

Scoville Heat Units: Unknown, similar to Red Carolina Reaper

Flavor: Fruity, slightly floral

Pod Size: 2 inches long, 1 inch wide

Plant Size: 4 ft tall

Seeds per Packet: 10+ Seeds


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
James from Tampa
Purple Reaper

All the seeds I planted germinated after about 12 days in soil. Plants are growing and healthy, can’t wait for them to start producing pods.

All sprouted

All the seeds sprouted, seedlings doing great.

Steven Belcher
Fairly okay germination rate, unsure about color stabilization as of yet.

I had higher germination with these purple reapers than others I tried, though I had identical failures with these than I had with the other brand I used initially, Pepper Joe’s at least provides a decent price point for seeds, I’m fond of the Purple strain of Carolina Reaper as I’ve grown it a year before and made purple hot sauce, I wish it was a more popular strain and that you offered it as live plants. I like the idea of a super hot strain that has very dark purple, almost black leaves, wish more breeders would attempt this.

Tom Marquis
red ghost

goood grower, very prolific, many good size peppers. All red no purple here

Christopher Astuto
Seeds did not grow

I planted 20 seeds and only 3 came up .