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Tobago Seasoning Pepper Seeds (Non-Isolated)

Tobago Seasoning Pepper Seeds (Non-Isolated)

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Wanting to fool people that you’re growing the hottest habaneros? Prank your friends and family by growing the Tobago Seasoning pepper seeds! Also known as the Trinidad Seasoning pepper, these pepper look and taste similar to habanero varieties, but they will definitely surprise you with their mild heat!

The Tobago Seasoning pepper plant will grow to 3 feet tall, producing multi-colored 2" long pods that change colors from green to orange, to finally a striking red color. These pods have a blocky lantern shape with a wrinkly texture.

With a heat level of 500 SHUs, this is even milder than the Jalapeno! You will not be disappointed with their flavor as it is a sweet, almost smoky pepper that tastes fruity tropical. And don’t get us started on their aroma because it is one of the best amazing smells we have smelled in our lives when cooking them! Although these peppers are traditionally used as a jerk sauce in the Caribbean, you can make and cook many things with these pods such as sauces, fresh salsa, soups, stews, salads, and seasoning.

*Non-Isolated - Disclaimer: While some of our varieties marked non-isolated were isolated when grown, they are an unstable pepper seed variety that may produce plants with genetic variations, making them less predictable and consistent in terms of traits such as flavor, size, and heat level. While this can lead to unique and exciting variations, it's important to note that these seeds may not reliably reproduce the same characteristics from one generation to the next. Planting non-isolated/unstable pepper seeds can be an adventurous gardening experience, but be prepared for some degree of variability in the resulting pepper plants. We will not be able to offer replacements for variation in traits. 

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  • Heat Level:
  • Plant Size: 3 ft.
  • Pod Size: 2-3"
  • Origin: Trinidad & Tobago
  • Species: Chinense
  • SHU: 500
  • Days to Harvest: 90 - 99 days

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mike Neumiller
Very small and bad flavor

I'm growing these seasoning peppers indoor in a hydroponic setup. The plants took forever to grow. Once grown they filled with flowers. Some have turned into peppers and some are still just flowers
The peppers are small, like the size of a quarter. They taste horrible and have zero heat. I'm going to do an outdoor run with some of these in the spring but my hopes are low. Germination was fairly simple. Started in a plastic bag with a folded paper towel and a heat mat for 2 weeks. Some tropical peppers need the extra time and heat to germinate. I thought with growing in a controlled indoor environment I'd have great results but that hasn't been the case with these.