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Mild Seeds

Trinidad Perfume Pepper Seeds

Trinidad Perfume Pepper Seeds

Species: Annuum SHU: 500
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This pepper may look and sound like a super hot, but don't be alarmed! The Trinidad Perfume has little to no heat and gives off one of the most delectable aromas around when used in cooking - hence, the "perfume" in its name. Originating from the Caribbean, this pepper descends from the Trinidad Scorpion and carries with it some of its fruity and smoky flavors that make these so unique.

Trinidad Perfume pepper plants will grow up to 2 feet tall and produce high yields of 1 to 1-1/2" fruits that mature from a green to a light-yellow color. These pods resemble Habanero peppers that look like small lanterns, with some even growing tiny scorpion tails. 

This is a wonderful sweet seasoning pepper that needs to be experienced by all pepper lovers. Cook these peppers or add them to soups, salads, or other food dishes. These peppers can also make for a flavorful pepper powder or mild salsa.

Species: Capsicum Chinense

Heat Level: 0-500 SHUs

Type: Mild

Flavors: Sweet, Fruity, Smoky Undertones

Origin: Trinidad & Tobago

Pod Size: 1-1.5" long

Plant Height: 2 ft.

Days to Harvest: 80-85 Days

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