3 Varieties of Peppers for You to Grow in 2020!

3 Varieties of Peppers for You to Grow in 2020!

From the hottest peppers to truly sweet peppers, we're adding more variety for growing season

We're adding new seeds for 2020, and we have a treat for you! We are expanding our selection and your growing list with many varieties for your garden or greenhouse. Check out the release of a few categories for you to read on some unique peppers.

7 Pot Pepper, with many different strains to burn your tongue off

seven pot pepper ready to burn your tongue off

Pepper Joe's is proud to carry many varieties of the 7 Pot Pepper. Also known as Caribbean Fire, this rare, super-hot pepper serves as the standard for some variations of some of the hottest peppers in the world. Hailing from Trinidad, this pepper is named the 7 Pot because it can heat up to SEVEN pots of stew with just one pod! This wrinkly, sun-kissed habanero shape is not to be mistaken, as this pepper is one of the hottest chilies in the world. Its flavors pack a serious heated punch with fruity, nutty tones that make it worthwhile.

The 7 Pot standard has a ton of different strains, and we currently carry the 7 Pot Katie, 7 Pot Brown, 007 Pot Red, and 7 Pot Douglah with more 7 Pot Pepper Seeds coming soon. These cross-strain peppers are not to be messed with, as Scoville Heat Units starts at 800,000 SHUs. To compare this to a jalapeno, the jalapeno has 2,500 SHUs. Burn baby burn.

Many of these strains have several different flavors including chocolate, fruity, sweet, earthy, and of course, a burning heat. A must-try for any chili-head, these peppers are getting increasingly popular. Just don't forget your gloves and goggles when handling these super-hot peppers!

Bhut Jolokia, famously known as the Ghost Pepper

also known as naga jolokia pepper, these peppers come in different shades and provide different flavors

Another variety of super hot peppers we released is called the Bhut Jolokia Peppers, and these peppers are no joke. Each pepper has different heat levels and flavors, and their SHUs start at 600,000. You could grow the traditional red pepper in your garden, but why not add more color and variety?

Just like the 7 Pot Pepper, the Bhut Jolokia Pepper has different strains. We currently carry the Bhut Jolokia Purple and Bhut Jolokia White, with more Bhut Jolokia pepper seeds coming soon. The Bhut Jolokia Purple Pepper provides a sweeter yet hot flavor, while the Bhut Jolokia White is hotter and smokier. Keep in mind that you still will taste a burning heat in all these peppers!

If you are looking for super-hot peppers with pops of colors in your garden or greenhouse, definitely consider these Jolokia peppers.

Sweet Peppers that are flavorful to your dishes

we carry many sweet pepper types of sweet peppers, and you can even put roasted sweet peppers in your meals!

You may be surprised that we don't just carry hot peppers, but we also carry sweet peppers! For those who are not interested in the spicy hot peppers, or who just like a flavorful dish, then look into the new sweet peppers that we just released. Sweet peppers that are live right now are the Melrose, Marconi Purple, Marconi Red, Marconi Gold, White Bell, Corno di Toro Red, and Corno di Toro Yellow. We promise these are just sweet for a reason, ringing in at 0 SHUs. So don't worry about burning your mouth off with these tasty peppers!

These sweet peppers are a pretty close comparison to bell peppers when utilizing them into your dishes. The sweet peppers are very versatile in the kitchen with a ton of culinary options. You can try stir-frying, roasting, stuffing, grilling, frying them, or you can even eat them raw so you can taste its unique flavors.

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looking for the hottest pepper in the world?  How about sweet peppers?

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Last spring I ordered two (2) Carolina Reaper plants from you. They were shipped 20 May 2019. I received them and treated them with great care. I first put them in 4" pots with good soil. When they had established themselves I moved them out onto my deck but not in the direct sun. Once again when they had hardened off I put them in a huge planter with good soil. They had plenty of sun and heat and grew beautifully – tall bushy plants but no blossoms. Finally in late October (October was very hot) small white blossoms began to appear. I was thrilled! But first week in November we had a freak killing frost. The plants were killed. Made me very sad. Oh well. I am going to order some seeds and start them indoors and plan to get them out sooner this year.


Yo voy establecer un invernadero con ayuda del Gobierno de PUERTO RICO y me gustaría sembrar pimiento picante y dulce le agradecería si tienen alguna promoción gratuita me la envíen y luego seguiremos comprándola además de otras variedades ,muchas gracias.

william Ramos

When are you accepting orders for your pepper seeds and are the sweet peppers heirloom varieties?

Tom Jones.

I am asking you for 2 free packs of seeds. The reason I am asking for free seeds is because of medical reasons. I had lung cancer which has been reduced to a small size. I have 1 lung working can not operate on lung because of blood vessels and other things wrapped around my lung. Can’t breath to good so can’t work. Wife has had both breasts and bottom female parts removed due to cancer. I draw disability but wife doesn’t draw anything. I have a small raised bed garden to keep me from going crazy but can’t afford much gardening stuff. Could you please send me a Marconi pepper and ancho pepper. If you do not have any of those I would be happy to receive any type if you can. If you can not send any seeds I will understand and am sorry to bother you. Thanks for reading.


Peppers in general are rich in nutrients. I had a triple bypass in 2003 and had some problems after that, like severe bleeding nose. A friend of mine told me to take dried cayenne capsules. Sindce then I am taking 1/2 a teaspoon cayenne every day. The website said that cayenne cleans your artheries and it did. That’s why I ordered cayenne to have the plants. Peppers are the best herbs there is.

Martin Berghuis

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