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Spice up your stews and ignite your taste buds with our fiery 7 Pot Pepper seeds!

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What's fierier than a 7 Pot Pepper? These super hot peppers were named after their ability to spice 7 pots of stew with just one pepper! And it's no surprise - most of these peppers look gnarly and evil with a bumpy texture and boiling skin. If you're a spicy pepper lover, then you need to try growing 7 Pot Pepper seeds in your garden today! 

With different strains and colors to choose from like the 7 Pot Jonah or the Bhutlah Bubblegum, you'll enjoy bountiful harvests from these fiery 7 Pot pepper plants. Browse through our 7 Pot chili offerings and start growing your own spicy peppers today!

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