Mike Eats a Fish Pepper (5,000-30,000 SHUs)!

Mike swings by the greenhouse and takes a bite out of the unique Fish Pepper - one of the most rare and exotic peppers out there - on this week's episode of Pepper Talk.

About Fish Pepper

Kept as a secret ingredient to many Caribbean cuisines, the Fish Pepper was release to the public by grower William Woys Weaver in 1995. Fish peppers get their name from their popular use with seafood where they are traditionally used with oyster or crab platters. The fruity and spicy flavors of this medium hot pepper give a nice kick to any food dish you like. 

You'll fall in love with growing these peppers as the Fish starts off a creamy white color before changing into a light green with dark green stripes, to a vibrant orange with dark red and brown stripes. These will surely give your garden that pop of personality you've been missing! Plus, they're incredibly productive and easy to grow in gardens and in containers.

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