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Apocalypse Scorpion Pepper Plants - 2 Live Plants

Originating from Italy, this destructive pepper will leave you speechless. We’re not kidding here. We have tasted the Apocalypse Scorpion and let me tell you, it can do some damage. Just when you thought the heat would subside, it comes right back. Expect a heat similar to the Carolina Reaper with a wonderfully unique flavor that will knock you flat on your butt and send the in-laws home crying.

The Apocalypse Scorpion pepper plants will grow over 4 feet tall and its pods mature to a red color. These peppers are burning hot with fruity tones and will grow the mighty scorpion tail that will sting you. Make sure to use this in moderation as small pieces of this pepper will add enough flavor that can’t be matched nor duplicated.

WARNING: Plants adjust to small, gradual changes in their environment better than sudden shifts, which is what the hardening off process is all about. Just as you get burned when you bare your untanned skin to the sun, leaves of plants started indoors will develop pale, sunburned patches if they are suddenly exposed to too much sun. The story has a happier ending when you introduce seedlings to bright light and sheltered breezes gradually, over a period of one to three weeks.

Species:  Capsicum Chinense  

Heat Level:  Not yet tested – estimated around 1,400,000+ Scoville Heat Units  

Type: Super Hot  

Origin: Italy  

Length: 4-6 Inches Tall

US Customers ONLY: We cannot ship live plants to Texas and New Jersey due to the Department of Agriculture forbidding invasive species to come into their state by mail.

Looking for the seeds instead?  BUY APOCALYPSE  SCORPION SEEDS HERE!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Valerie Pawuk
Great plants and customer service!

I ordered 2 live apocalypse scorpion plants. Pepper joes shipped them out quickly as stated they would. However they got stuck at the post office so they never made it. But they reshipped me new ones and turned out great!!! Thank you so much.

Anthony Lopez
Live Plant Review

I just received my order of 2 - Chocolate Reaper, 2 - Fish Pepper, and 2 - Apocalypse Scorpion live plants. I just unboxed the items.

ALL of the plants were very healthy. I was shocked this could have come out of a box in a hot mail truck. Not droopy at all, a few leaves had fallen off in the box, but other than that, they look nice. Of all the plants though, they Apocalypse scorpion were about twice the size of the others, and very bushy already at this young size. Also came with a packet of soil blast, thanks Pepper Joes!

Ive gotten them in pots and Im excited to begin the journey.

Looking forward to another awesome year with these seedlings

Grew two of these last year, both produced more pepper than i knew what to do with. I'll be ordering again!

Healthy plants, odd shipping?

I was a little concerned when I received the plants because the plants were large for seedlings, but the plant's main stalk was curled around to fit inside the box it was shipped in. I would have preferred a roomier box.
However, the plants straightened out nicely through the season and bushed out nicely. I grew mine in pots and am now harvesting dozens of pods as of the first week of July. The heat is serious, the flavor is surprisingly fruity, and one pepper goes a long way. It seems the heat likes to linger on the tongue, not so much in the throat. One pepper was used in a liter of salsa to give it a respectable kick. Lots of oil in these guys, but strangely the pods have no smell for me whatsoever. You'll just have to try it for yourself.

Customer Reviews

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