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Spice up your garden with the signature flavors of Cayenne peppers. Get started on growing your Cayenne pepper seeds today!

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Indulge yourself in the fiery allure of Cayenne peppers with our exceptional collection that celebrates their bold and zesty flavors! Cayenne peppers are a staple in kitchens around the world, making a great choice for hot pepper flakes and chili powder. Whether you seek to add a kick to your own culinary creations or explore health benefits of this spice, Cayenne chili pepper seeds will ignite your taste buds and elevate your food dishes with their unmistakable heat and rich flavor.

Check out our wonderful seed assortment of Cayenne peppers and pick up some fiery heirlooms like Ring of Fire and Long Red Narrow peppers, as well as the unique and exotic pepper Cayenne Orange and Purple Cayenne peppers.

Browse through our Medium Hot Pepper Seeds and Medium Hot Pepper Plants for more Cayenne-like heat! Be sure to stay up to date on all new varieties on our New Pepper Seeds page.

red cayenne peppers growing on plant