Ornamental Pepper Seeds

Make a statement with your garden by growing some of our amazing ornamental pepper seed varieties.

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Collection: Ornamental Pepper Seeds

Add a little color and vibrant beauty to your garden with our ornamental pepper seeds! Ornamental pepper plants are extremely attractive with beautiful, eye-catching colors that really pop out from your garden. While ornamental peppers are primarily grown for their aesthetic value, these fresh peppers are also edible and used to add a little bit of spice to your cooking. But be careful - ornamental peppers are generally fiery hot, more than enough to make the average pepper lover wince!

Choose from our wide variety of colorful ornamental pepper seeds and pick up some favorites like the Chinese 5 Color and Bolivian Rainbow. Unsure which seeds to choose from? Pick up our Ornamental Pepper Seed Collection box and start planting popular hallmarks of ornamental peppers!

Try using our Pepper Fertilizers to give your live pepper plants the boost that they need! 

Ornamental Pepper Seeds