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To answer all of your burning questions, check out an overview of what we offer. Whether it's learning how to grow hot peppers, looking for ideas on delicious and easy pepper recipes, or finding exciting reads on anything hot peppers, we have a solution for you!

Grow With Joe

We understand growing peppers can be a process because they are fragile and nit-picky to work with, so we created Grow with Joe - an Ultimate Guide for Growing Hot Peppers. Whether you're planning your garden, germinating your pepper seeds, or transplanting pepper plants, follow our guide below:

For frequently asked questions about growing hot peppers, check out our FAQ on growing different types of peppers. When you're ready to grow peppers, get started by creating your growing list with our huge selection of different types of peppers. To successfully grow your peppers, we have growing supplies to get your started or to up your game.

Not looking to grow from seeds? No worries, we are currently selling Live Hot Pepper Plants.

Pepper Recipes

From salsas, soups, appetizers, and more, we have an unlimited amount of delicious, easy-to-make Pepper Recipes for those who like it hot. If you're looking for spicy dinner ideas to cook for your friends or family, we got the perfect recipe that will make your tastebuds dance! Check out some of our more popular recipes that people enjoy creating:

Take a look at our hot sauces, spices & powder, and high-quality beef jerky to keep your pantry spicier.

Fun Reads for Hot Pepper Fans

Besides growing peppers and gathering different recipes to make, we always want to know what's going on in the hot pepper world! We have the Pepper Joe's Blog to keep you updated with the latest news and recipes. Check out some fun reads below to get you started.

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