Big Sun Habanero Pepper Seeds

If you are wondering why it’s called the Big Sun Habanero, you thought right!  Also known as Habanero Big Sun or the Yellow Sun Habanero, it is a bright yellow and orange pepper that is larger than the normal habanero.  Two to three inches in length, this usually crinkled habanero has a combination of a sweet, fiery, and garlic taste, and the heat will stay with you from the minute you bite into it!  The Big Sun Habanero matures from green to an intense yellow color.  An easy pepper to grow, this is a great choice to spice up your meals!  

Species: Capsicum Chinense 

Heat Level150,000-325,000 Scoville heat units  


OriginSouth Africa 

Days to Harvest: 80+ Days 

# of Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds 

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