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Super Hot Seeds

Chocolate Bhutlah Pepper Seeds

Chocolate Bhutlah Pepper Seeds

Plant size: 4 ft. Pod size: 3" Origin: USA Species: Chinense SHU: 1,500,000+
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The Chocolate Bhutlah is a cross between the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) and the Douglah. That lineage creates this fabulous pepper which can actually have pods HOTTER than the Ghost Pepper. Although the Douglah has never officially been tested for Scoville Heat Units, most estimates are in the 1,500,000 to 2,000,000 range and could be the pepper to dethrone the Carolina Reaper.

Chocolate Bhutlah pepper plants grow up to 4 ft. tall and are very prolific. Expect to have many 3" pods shaped similarly to the Ghost pepper - pendant-shaped, wrinkly skin, tapers off to a point - but the color of the chile stems from the Chocolate Douglah. 

This is an incredible super hot pepper that should not be taken lightly. Always make sure to use caution when handling these peppers, from harvest to the kitchen. For our super hot pepper fanatics, this pepper may be the right one for you - are you ready for the test...?

  • Species: Capsicum Chinense
  • Heat Level: 1,500,000+ SHUs
  • Type: Super Hot
  • Flavor: Fruity, Floral
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Pod Size: 3"
  • Plant Height: 4 ft.
  • Days to Harvest: 90+ Days

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Adam Thompson

I bought the seeds way too late, so I also got seedlings and saved the seeds for next year.

Gordon Cairns
Great service

Got exactly what ordered in a timely manner. Great Job.

David Myers

I ordered 3 types of seeds, they arrived in just a few days.
I'm writing this review before any sprouts have shown up, but I'm hopeful. Thank you pepper Joe

Beautiful, wicked hot peppers

No problems germinating earlier this year and now I have 3 healthy chocolate bhutlah plants outside along with many other varieties that are flourishing. Pods on all plants are turning a really interesting chocolate color and the heat level on these is not to be messed with. It’s a painful burn, Different from reapers IMO. Reapers are not to be messed with
Either but there’s something different about the way these guys burn. Makes great hot sauce, or slice one up and put it on a sandwich if you dare. Earthy , 7 pot flavors with more heat than you can stand. Will be growing these again next year

Wicked Hot, I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful, wicked hot peppers

I purchased some seeds from pepper joes last year and they sent me some of these chocolate bhutlah seeds free with my order, I had great germination and I have 3 really strong plants of this variety, along with many others that are producing some beautiful pods. They ripen to a really interesting chocolate color , after trying a small taste of a ripened pod I taste flavors similar to 7 pot variety peppers and earthy notes. This is a painfully hot pepper. If you are new to super hot peppers I do not advise eating an entire pod. You’re gonna be in trouble. Assess your toleration for spice and treat this pepper with respect. That aside, This would make some great hot sauce, which is exactly what I’m using it for. I like this so much that I’m sure I will grow this again next year.

Thank you for sharing and keeping things HOT!