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Golden Reaper Pepper Seeds


A descendant of the Carolina Reaper and a color variant of the Peach Carolina Reaper, the Golden Reaper will be another exciting superhot pepper to grow in the garden. It’s a bigger pepper than the regular Carolina Reaper, and has the typical gnarly look. Its skin almost looks like it’s boiling to show how hot this pepper is. Ouch!

Expect some variation from the Golden Carolina Reaper pepper as it is an unstable, new strain.  It’s in the fourth filial, going to the fifth filial (filial means generation), so you may see different results. Although the Golden Reaper is a new strain, we think that is the most fun part about it!

The ridiculously hot pepper has beautiful golden-mustard color that almost looks like it’s been caramelized, and has the pointed tail sticking out. It is packed with massive fiery heat with a sweet tart flavor.  The Golden Reaper pepper plant has medium to high yields and will grow to around 3-4 feet tall. Grow this unique Reaper to add some color variation into your garden, but beware, it will be the talk of the show! Use this pepper for seasoning, marinade for a variety of meat, hot sauces, and more!

Species: Capsicum Chinense   

Heat Level: 1,500,000+ SHUs

Type: SuperHot

Origin: America

Days to Harvest: 90+ Days

# of Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds

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