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Peach Carolina Reaper (California Reaper) Seeds


A descendant of the Carolina Reaper, this peach variety is going to be a favorite. A sharp peach-colored reaper pod is exactly what you need to add some color variation into your home garden!  Seeds are limited, so get them while you can! Heat and shape are similar to the original Carolina Reaper. These are a relatively new strain, expect some variation.

It’s known to be a possible cross between the original red Carolina Reaper and Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion pepper. This variety will be fruity and citrusy, which will be great for pepper powder and hot sauces to add to many meat dishes! The Peach Carolina Reaper pepper plant will grow to around 4 feet tall, with peppers ripening to a peach-orange color. This plant will be the star of the show!

Species:Capsicum Chinense

Heat Level:1,500,000+ SHUs

Type: Super-hot

Origin: USA 

Days to Harvest: 175+ Days

Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Just wish they’d grow

I have a wide variety of pepper plants I grew from seedlings this year. I purchased the Peach Reaper, Pepperonchini and Trinidad Scorpion (also no growing) from Pepper Joe. My freebie was Tabasco which never germinated but all the others sprouted. Ended up with exactly 10 of each of the other plants (except Scorpion); however the peach reapers haven’t grown an inch over the past month. All same conditions, all same nutrients. The scorpion and 10 peach reapers just refuse to grow. I guess I should be happy they are alive.

Interesting surprises!

A little over half of my seeds germinated (7), 4 produced identical characteristics of the picture above, now it's important to know although there is a hue of peach, I can see how this color could be mistaken for yellow/orange. The other three seeds that made it produced what look to be a bright true yellow reaper. Giving 5 stars because I ordered one variety and received two!

Sara S.
Zero Germination. From all seeds.

Even with accelerator and germination stations. None of the seeds from this site grow in my experience. When I contacted them recently to discuss how I tracked my seed spreadsheets explaining that none of their seeds have germinated, they offered no refund, nor any solution .Thank you for a useless email of quoted text from your website as your response. Poor customer service, for a poor product. No surprise here I guess. A total wash in money, time, and potential harvest. Order from somewhere else.

I apologize for your experience Sara, I looked up your order because I wanted to send you some replacement seeds but unfortunately your order was placed nearly a year ago and we can't replace seeds from that far back, we will always replace seeds if you receive no germination after 6 weeks, however it's important to contact us immediately.


I only got 50% germination but the 50% that germinated produced an insane amount of pods.

Grew great plants, but not Peach Reapers

Pretty good germination, and pretty healthy plants for the most part. None of them turned out to be Peach Reapers though. All pods turned yellow, and are likely Yellow Reapers. If I had ordered Yellow Reapers, then I would give them 5 Stars; but I didn't. When I emailed them about this (AND other seeds that either did nothing or did not grow into what was ordered), I was essentially told that peppers change colors... Again, these plants turned out great, but they were not what I ordered/wanted. Seems like inventory mix ups when seed sorting might be prevalent.

Customer Reviews

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