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Mild Seeds

Holy Mole Pepper Seeds

Holy Mole Pepper Seeds

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Holy Moly! Wait I mean Holy Mole! How have you not grown this pepper? This pepper is a hybrid form of the Pasilla pepper, the dried form of the Chilaca pepper, and is generally used to make Mexican mole sauces.

The Holy Mole (MOH-lay) pepper plant is compact stretching only to 3 ft. tall, however, they will produce 7 to 9 inches long peppers, so you'll want to make sure these plants are properly supported. Holy Mole peppers will ripen from green to a chocolatey brown color when mature. These plants are bred to grow faster, produce more pods, and resist diseases like the tobacco mosaic virus and the potato virus.

This pepper packs a nutty, tangy, delicious flavor with a very mild heat used popularly for mole sauces. But, don't limit this pepper to only sauce, because it can be used fresh or dried for many culinary uses like soups, stews, seasoning rubs, and to add on salads and sandwiches.

  • Species: Capsicum Annuum
  • Heat Level: 700-800 SHUs
  • Type: Mild
  • Flavor: Tangy, Nutty
  • Origin: USA
  • Pod Size: 7-9"
  • Plant Height: 3 ft.
  • Days to Harvest: 70+ Days

Enjoy the mild side of things and grow our Mild Pepper Seeds! We carry a wide selection of other heat levels in our expansive Pepper Seed Collection.


  • Heat Level:
  • Plant size: 3 ft.
  • Pod size: 7-9"
  • Origin: USA
  • Species: Annuum
  • SHU: 700-800

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Chili Pepper Seeds

My order arrived quick. I enjoyed finding an extra free envelope of seeds with my order. I have not planted any of the chili seeds as of yet due to the season for planting will have to wait til later. I will update my review once I get seeds in ground and sprouting.

Samantha Bradley
Great seeds

Everything sprouted and growing well, we used a heat mat for all of our pepper seeds.

Tim Holmes
Holy Mole seeds

Very slow to germinate. Way too soon to tell.