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Mild Seeds

Holy Mole Pepper Seeds

Holy Mole Pepper Seeds

Plant size: 3 ft. Pod size: 7-9" Origin: USA Species: Annuum SHU: 700-800
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Holy Moly! Wait I mean Holy Mole! How have you not grown this pepper? 

Are you looking for the perfect pepper to make mole sauces? The Holy Mole pepper is made for that job. Like, we’re not kidding, it even hints it in the name. You can make Mexico’s famous mole sauce with this pepper. The Holy Mole pepper plant will produce 7 to 9 inches long peppers and packs a nutty, tangy, delicious flavor with a very mild heat. The pepper will ripen from green to a chocolatey brown color. But, don’t limit this pepper to only “Holy Mole Sauce,” because this pepper can be used for many culinary uses like soups, stews, seasoning rubs, and to add on salads and sandwiches. 

This pepper is a hybrid form of the Pasilla pepper, which is the dried form of the Chilica pepper.  It is pasilla-like in terms of how they taste in mole sauces, but the Holy Mole pepper can be used when fresh or dried. Although the Pasilla pepper is the most popular pepper to use for mole sauces, there are a few advantages to growing the Holy Mole. This is bred to grow faster and produce more peppers and is disease resistant to the tobacco mosaic virus (common pepper virus) and the potato virus.  It is also milder (800 SHUs) than the Pasilla (2,500 SHUs), so this is great if you want less heat.   

Fun Fact: When you say the word Mole, you pronounce it as (MOH-lay). 

Species: Capsicum Annuum   

Heat Level: 700-800 SHUs 

Type: Mild 

Origin: United States 

Days to Harvest: 70+ Days 

# of Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tim Holmes
Holy Mole seeds

Very slow to germinate. Way too soon to tell.

Don Williams
Holy Mole Seeds

The shipment was received quickly. I'll provide a review at the end of the growing season. Thanks.

Mole Verde!

these make delicious mole verde!. Norma couldn't keep her hands off these in the garden!