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Mild Seeds

Pasilla Pepper Seeds

Pasilla Pepper Seeds

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The Pasilla pepper, known as “little raisin” in Spanish, is referred to the dried format of the Chilaca Pepper which is a popular Mexican fresh pepper. The Pasilla pepper are very popular in Mexican cuisines, and are used to make mole sauces, salsas, seasonings, and can be used in a variety of meat dishes. These peppers have a bit of heat in it but are not very hot as these ranges from 250-4,000 SHUs.  For reference, the Jalapeno pepper is 5,000 SHUs.   

The Pasilla pepper should be not confused with the Ancho pepper, where the Ancho pepper is the dried format of the Poblano pepper.  To tell the difference between these two dried peppers, the Pasilla pepper is longer and slimmer with a deeper shade of brown-black, and the Ancho pepper is wider, stouter, and has hints of dark red on its brown skin. The Pasilla pepper features a smoky, earthy flavor with surprising hints of raisins and smoky cocoa. 

Fun Fact: Many peppers in Mexico are dried for culinary purposes, and their names are changed to an entirely new name because its flavors, characteristics, and uses change completely. 

Species: Capsicum Annuum   

Heat Level: 250-4,000 SHUs 

Type: Mild 

Origin: Mexico 

Days to Harvest70+ Days 

# of Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Margaret McGee
No blooms yet

I can't really say much about these seed. It has been a strange year. My garden is so far behind. Most plants just are not growing. That being said, the Pasilla plants are looking good but not very big yest & no blooms. I will b glad to let you know more at the end of the season.

Eric Y

All grew!

Michelle Belgard
Excellent germination rate

Did use a heat mat, but sprouted quickly. Plants look healthy and will soon go into the garden.

Andrea Larsen
Excellent Seeds!

The seeds were shipped out quickly and arrived faster than I expected. I had great germination results. Also, the free packet of hot chili pepper seeds was a nice bonus. Will definitely order again next year.

Gail Komnenovich
Nice variety!

This was a gift to my son and he loved all the different varieties of pepper seeds!