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Manganji Pepper Seeds


Do you think the only peppers worth eating need to set your mouth on fire? Well, the Manganji from Japan may have a bone to pick with you. This sweet (SWEET) and mild-flavored pepper may not be spicy (like, at all), but what it may lack in spice it more than makes up for with its versatility. The king of chili peppers in Japan, you can do just about anything with this pepper – roast it, braise with it, grill it, fry it…you get the point! Typically growing to about 6 inches long, this green pepper has a softer wall than a bell pepper, but thicker than similar Fushimi and Shishito varieties. In addition to being sweet, it has an earthy flavor that makes this a fun ingredient to experiment with – even pairing well with chocolate.

Fun Fact: Chef Koyama, a Japanese chef features the Manganji pepper in one of his award-winning chocolates, making for a perfect blend of salty and bitter tones.

Species:Capsicum Annuum

Heat Level:No heat

Type:Sweet Pepper


Days to Harvest:80-90 days

# of Seeds per Packet:10+ Pepper Seeds