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Moruga Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Seeds

NEW Hottest on the Planet as of 2/6/12

One of my growers describes the Moruga Pepper as having a "Fruity and heavenly Cotton Candy type Aroma". Don't let that fool you, this pepper is dangerous hot...handle with care!!

When you taste it you may detect a hit of citrus and some say cinnamon.

This awesome Chile was tested at NMSU and Paul Bosland, Director of the Chile Pepper Institute overlooked the process. Senior research specialist Danise Coon went through 4 pairs of latex gloves when handling. She says "The Capsaicin kept penetrating the latex and getting on our hands....that has never happened before".

The Moruga is a great value because you can use one or two a week to heat up all of your meals. It also makes delicious Hot Sauces and can be used as a garden pest repellent....or to strip your garage floor.

Scoville Heat Units:  1,150,000 - 2,000,000 SHUs.

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