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Reaper Meat and Cheese Bundle

Reaper Meat and Cheese Bundle

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Sorry, this product does not qualify for free shipping. All cheese is shipped inside a thermal mailing envelope with an ice pack. We can't ship cheese curds outside the contiguous United States.

What do you get when you combine the throat-burning sensation of our Carolina Reaper Summer Sausage with the cool and creamy spiciness of our Reaper Cheddar Cheese?

One AMAZING spicy snack bundle, that's for sure!

Our new Reaper Meat and Cheese Bundle takes both of our favorite Reaper pepper products and puts them together for one unforgettably spicy snack. Our Reaper Summer Sausage is made carefully to create the perfect blend of Midwestern meat with the bold flavors of our Carolina Reaper pepper flakes. Pair this fiery meat with our Reaper Cheddar Cheese, made with world-famous Wisconsin cheese and Reaper pepper flakes. Don't expect to give your taste buds a break! The unrelenting heat stays with every bite you take, but the amazing flavors will have you coming back for more.

Enjoy these two together on a cracker, serve it up on a sandwich, or add this to a platter of other spicy pepper cheeses and spicy summer sausages. Bring our Reaper Meat and Cheese Bundle to your next cookout, gathering, or enjoy it all to yourself! Surprise your most daring pepper-lover friends with the snack bundle of the season - they won't regret it!

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