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Spicy Mustard Habanero Pepper Seeds

Spicy Mustard Habanero Pepper Seeds

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The Spicy Mustard Habanero Pepper tastes as good as it sounds! This rare and exotic pepper is mustard yellow, and what a blast it is to grow this beautiful gem!

Spicy Mustard Habanero pepper plants grow fairly prolific for a Habanero, growing up to 3 ft. tall. They will look stunning in your garden with their beautiful colors. The wrinkled pods will grow to 1.5" long and ripen from light green, purple, mustard-orange, and then finally an orange color.

Although it’s on the lower end of the heat level, the Spicy Habanero Mustard hot pepper is rated a '10' on the Pepper Joe Heat Scale because of its straight-up burn when you take a bite. The flavors will taste tangy, fruity, and sweet, similar to a Habanero. This spicy Habanero Mustard chili makes excellent Habanero sauce, salsas, and relishes. This is a very special variety you don't want to miss out on!

  • Species: Capsicum Chinense
  • Heat Level: 150,000–325,000 SHUs
  • Type: Hot
  • Flavor: Tangy, Fruity, Sweet
  • Origin: USA
  • Pod Size: 1.5"
  • Plant Height: 3 ft.
  • Days to Harvest: 100+ Days

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  • Heat Level:
  • Plant size: 3 ft.
  • Pod size: 1.5"
  • Origin: USA
  • Species: Chinense
  • SHU: 150,000-325,000

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
As attractive as they are delicious

Looking forward to growing these out again this season after a two-year hiatus. Very nice "spicy" flavor before the heat even kicks in. I use these in a few of my own "signature" sauces, but I use these with a handful of white jalapenos in a sauce of its own. Mixed with mayo & a lil' honey, it's a "secret sauce" that adds a mystique to several standard picnic dishes. These in particular bumped Scotch Bonets down a notch on my personal list of favorites. Beautiful color, too.

Tyler McElroy
so far, so good

seedlings are about 4 inches tall now, and about to be moved into a 12 inch pot. doing very well

Noah Cavin

Haven’t planted yet but they look good