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White Habanero Seeds


This is such a rare variety of the Habanero family. The White Habanero pepper is a smaller, ivory white-hot dynamo with a lot of punch. This pepper will make an awesome white hot sauce. Handle with care. The White Habanero peppers are smaller than traditional Habanero peppers and have a creamy-white color, which will stand out gorgeously in your garden! The lantern-shaped pepper is hotter than a Texas sidewalk in July, so it will straight-up burn you. Try the White Habanero in your Habanero recipes. These Organic seeds are the finest available.  

Fun Fact:If a superhot pepper is white, this means the white peppers are one of the rarer variations to come across. It is such an amazing feeling to grow such a rare pepper and to brag about it to your friends and family!

Species:Capsicum Chinense

Heat Level: 200,000 – 500,000 SHUs 

Type: Medium/Hot

Origin: Caribbean

Days to Harvest: 100+ Days

Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great Hot sauce peppers

These peppers produce a ton and go great in homemade hot sauce. I got three to germinate 2 were just like the picture all white and one was yellow. They go great in chili too and are a fun color.

Joe Doe
Good little peppers

Grew like a charm, most of the seeds started, planted and grew a single plant in a 5 gallon plastic container. Fertilized them and had a boat load of little white peppers. Threw them in a hot sauce bottle filled with white wine vinegar for some peppa' sauce and now my pizza doesn't go without it!

Bob Dobbs
Cool beans

I had pretty good germination, maybe 70%. This is practically a dwarf/ornamental pepper plant, it grew very slowly and topped out at only a foot tall for me. But I got about 8-10 little yellow/white peppers off each plant, each about the size of a butterbean. And they were surprisingly hot - it's definitely a habanero, though not as fruity as most. May try to overwinter them to see if next year's crop improves - would love to make a white sauce...

Barry Messer
White Habaneros a Disappointment

I planted my white Habaneros a couple of months ago and the ones that germinated were slow to germinate. I have three left out of the number I was given. They are the slowest growing pepper I have ever seen. Of the three one is doing well and the other two I'm not sure they will make it or not. I may try again next year. I think it's to late to try again this season.

Kyle Ashcraft
Zero Germination Rate

I ordered about 6 different pepper varieties which were planted back in early March 2018. Everything germinated at 75% or higher rate except these white habanero seeds. I've had nothing sprout and was quite sad as these were the the ones I was looking forward to growing the most. These were in the same seedling tray as the Bolivian Rainbows (only 2 seeds have sprouted), Nagalah Red (all seeds sprouted), Orange Scotch bonnet (90% germination), and Purple Jalapeno (only two seeds sprouted).

Customer Reviews

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