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Corno di Toro Yellow Pepper Seeds

Corno di Toro Yellow Pepper Seeds

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Identical to the Corno di Toro Red Pepper, this Corno di Toro Yellow Pepper is an Italian heirloom with a sweet and spicy flavor.  The only difference is the yellow pepper has a more citrus, fruity flavor and is milder than the Corno di Toro Red Pepper.  This is a must have in your garden as gardeners rave about the sugary, sweet flavor of the Corno Di Toro Yellow pepper!

The Corno di Toro Pepper is called the Bull’s Horn pepper or Cowhorn pepper because of its bull horn shape and is translated as the “Horn of the Bull.”  But don’t let the pepper scare you, as it is versatile and great for eating raw, stuffed, grilled or fried!  If you fry them, be sure to fry it in olive oil and sprinkle with parmesan.  These large, narrow, tapered peppers with a bull horn curve ripen from glossy green to red and grow to over 8 inches and over two inches wide.  The Corno di Toro Pepper Plant grows between three to four feet tall.   

Species: Capsicum Annuum  

Heat Level: 0-500 Scoville heat units 

TypeMild Spice 

Origin: Italy  

Days to Harvest: 70-85 Days 

# of Seeds per Packet: 10+ Pepper Seeds 

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Customer Reviews

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Shawn Brewer

Purchased some Corno di Toro yellow pepper seeds with my usual Cow Horn and none of the Toro peppers sprouted. However, I will still give an four stars as I have always had exceptional service and luck with Pepper Joe's.

Gabriel Muncy
Poor germination

Planted my seeds in a jiffy Pete pellet greenhouse setup, as I did for all my other peppers this year, and only one of my Toro seeds sprouted. My Poblano, reaper, and scorpion seeds sprouted and multiple plants came up from each pellet, but the Toro never came up. Contacted customer support. The agent was very nice but told me it must have been my soil temperature was the issue even though all my other peppers (except the giant jalapeño pepper seeds) in the same starter box did great.