Nate Eats a Peach Carolina Reaper (1,500,000+ SHUs!) and Hiccups a LOT

You may know about the former hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper. Now, meet its relative: the Peach Carolina Reaper! Watch as Nate eats this incredibly-hot pepper as he tries to keep it together.

About the Peach Carolina Reaper

The Peach Carolina Reaper, also known as the California Reaper, is a descendant of the Carolina Reaper, and just as unforgiving as the original, topping out at over 1,500,000 SHUs. Crossed with the red Reaper and Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion, this exciting new strain ripens to its peach-orange color and can put a LOT of heat into any dish, sauce, salsa, and other foods.

This pepper has a fruiter and more citrusy taste compared to the OG Carolina Reaper, but let us know what you think it tastes like - that is, if you're brave enough!

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