Nate Eats a Red Devil's Tongue (300,000+ SHUs) and Tears Up!

In this week's "pep"-isode of Pepper Talk, Nate braves the heat and chomps down on the Red Devil's Tongue pepper, one of our popular Habanero varieties that tops out at over 300,000 SHUs!

About Red Devil's Tongue Pepper

The Red Devil's Tongue is close kin to the Fatalii pepper, and looks like it's been torn straight out of the devil's mouth. This pepper is both sweeter and hotter than the Fatalii, and it works great at spicing up a variety of foods. These peppers are easy to grow and ripen from green to red with very smooth skin that's always appealing to everybody. This is a rare variety that's hard to get the seeds, so try the chance to grow this pepper!

Red Devil's Tongue may have lower heat than popular superhot peppers like Ghosts, Trinidad Scorpions, and Carolina Reapers, but this hot pepper is still too hot to handle!

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