Keaton Eats a Purple UFO (30,000-45,000 SHUs) For the First Time!

Keaton stops by on this episode of Pepper Talk to eat and discuss the mysterious Purple UFO Pepper, known for its extraterrestrial shape and unidentifiable flavors. 

About Purple UFO Pepper

One of the most anticipated seeds from our New 2023 Pepper Seeds collection, the Purple UFO is as alien as a pepper can get, with no known origin and a unique pepper shape. These pods grow between 1-2" long and form into tiny UFOs growing off the pepper plant's branches.

You'll notice a decent amount of slow-building heat when you take a bite out of them. What's even more unique about Purple UFO peppers is their ability to change flavors as they ripen. You could get flavors that are sweet and fruity, or maybe even juicy and tangy - you'll never really known until you pick these peppers and try them for yourself!


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