Top 5 Funniest Videos of People Eating Carolina Reapers

While we don't recommend eating a Carolina Reaper for the Carolina Reaper Challenge, we know we can't stop you. So if you do, record yourself and show us how you can handle the hot pepper's heat! Read how hot the Carolina Reaper is before you take a bite of its earth-shattering, mind-altering heat.

If you think you're ready to eat a super hot pepper, then watch some funny video reactions to people eating Carolina Reapers!

1. Sean and Klaus eat Carolina Reapers

2. DudeSons accidentally eat a Carolina Reaper

3. 9 year old Scottish Boy eats a Reaper

4. Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning eat the World's Hottest Pepper

5. Two Girls eat the Carolina Reaper

BONUS: Our very own Pepper Joe's teammates, Quinton and Nate, eat one of the hottest peppers, the Ghost Pepper!

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