Colton Eats a DRAGON'S BREATH PEPPER (2,000,000 SHUs)

On this week's pep-isode of Pepper Talk, our growing expert Colton takes a stab at the Dragon's Breath chili pepper, known to be one of the hottest peppers in the world! Do you think you can handle the unrelenting heat behind the Dragon's Breath chile?

About Dragon's Breath Pepper

The insanely-hot Dragon's Breath chili gives a whole new meaning to the term "super hot pepper." With unofficial tests indicating heat levels above 2,400,000 SHUs, the Dragon's Breath Scoville reports show it could potentially be hotter than the Carolina Reaper, former World's Hottest Pepper. Developed in the U.K. and named after the Welsh dragon, the Dragon's Breath Pepper was originally developed to be an alternative anesthetic option for people allergic to traditional uses. 

These bright red pepper pods grown on 3 ft. tall plants that produce plenty of harvests. Dragon's Breath peppers are just oozing with capsaicin oil, and once you cut into them, you better be wearing protection! Pick up your seeds today, or try growing our Dragon's Breath Pepper Plant Seedlings instead!

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