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Super Hot Seeds

7-Pot BubbleGum x Drax Diego Dream Pepper Seeds

7-Pot BubbleGum x Drax Diego Dream Pepper Seeds

Plant size: 2-3 ft. Pod size: 2-3" Origin: United Kingdom Species: Chinense SHU: 800,000-1,268,250
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The 7-Pot BubbleGum x Drax Diego Dream Pepper is a unique cross that comes with an addicting flavor followed by a swift and intense heat with every bite you take!

Plants will grow up to 3-4 ft. tall and produce high yields of these 3" long pods. The pepper has an appearance similar to the Moruga Trinidad Scorpion pepper, but without the stinger. 7-Pot BubbleGum x Drax Diego Dream peppers ripen to their unique peach color at maturity and have a smooth and shiny texture.

These peppers share the fruity and sweet flavors of the 7-Pot Bubblegum pepper, with an intense heat that comes on fast. 7-Pot BubbleGum x Drax Diego Dream pepper’s heat is similar to that of the Ghost pepper as it ranges from 800,000 - 1,268,250 SHUs! Careful handling these super hot peppers, and use them sparingly for cooking, adding to salsas, infusing into hot sauce, or drying them into chili powder.

Species: Capsicum Chinense

Heat Level:  800,000 - 1,268,250 Scoville Heat Units  

Type: Super Hot

Flavor: Fruity, Sweet

OriginUnited Kingdom

Pod Size: 2-3"

Plant Height: 3-4 ft.

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Customer Reviews

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Kevin White

7-Pot BubbleGum x Drax Diego Dream Pepper Seeds

Kevin Biggers
8 Days

8 Days from paper towel to sprout. 7 Pot BubbleGum is starting off with a bang!

Evan S
7-Pot BubbleGum x Drax Diego Dream

Planted a a little over a week ago and most seeds germinated in a few days.

David Heftie
7 pot gum x drax

Seeds look great! Thanks

Stay away from PJ

Wish there was a site review for Pepper Joe's.
I last gave a review sometime this spring about their Jigsaw peppers. I bought last year and this year probably 5bags(50ish seeds, on top of a ton more stuff) gave bad review on germination! I've had no issues with other companies seeds! PJ sent me an email after getting one plant to grow saying it's my grow setup not their seeds(I have a monster grow setup, multiple heat pads with different thermostats per group, 7 t5 fixtures and two large 5,000 led light setup in their own grow rooms!)! Welp!!! The seeds I grew this year from this scam of a company all came out the be Scotch bonnets! All my 7pots! All my BBG7! my 1 jigsaw! My AS x JPGS! All varieties of ghost, even their multi pack of peach, purple,yellow, chocolate, orange, giant. green mean everything grew out to be Scotch bonnets! This (7pot x DDD) was the one seed that grew out to be something different and guess what that grew into... a red ghost!!!! I said this before in my last review! Stay far away from this scam of a company. If y'all want proof hit me up. I can take pic of tags and plants they're all the same! Save your money! Terrible germ, seeds are misslabeled. I didn't even order scotch bonnets! Just sick to my stomach about this place! I know I'm not the only person this company has taken advantage of. They won't do right by you! Only pass blame! Do yourself a favor! Run from this site! Thanks for the 40 mislabeled scotch bonnets that I never wanted!

Must be my fault again 😂 right? I must have grown them wrong!

Zachary White.

Thank you for providing us with feedback and we are sorry to hear about your experience. Please email your order number to and we'd be happy to look into this.