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Chocolate Fatalii Pepper Seeds

Chocolate Fatalii Pepper Seeds

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The Chocolate Fatalii pepper is one of the few C. chinense varieties with origins in Africa, and is a sweeter cousin to the Fatalii pepper but still packs a wallop of heat.

These pepper plants are very productive growing long, brown chocolatey pods that look amazing in contrast to the dark green leaves of the plant. Chocolate Fatalii peppers have a conical shape and generally taper off to a point. Their wrinkly skin should be a prime indicator of just how hot these peppers are!

This beautiful novel pepper will thrill the Chile head community with its spicy and unique taste. Their flavors are smoky, earthy, and floral, and carry the same heat as a Habanero but provide more of a citrus flavor. If you want a pepper that will provide a wide variety of flavors but still bring the heat, the Chocolate Fatalii pepper is the one for you!

  • Species: Capsicum Chinense
  • Heat Level: 125,000-325,000+ SHUs
  • Type: Hot
  • Flavor: Smoky, Earthy, Floral, Citrusy
  • Origin: Africa
  • Days to Harvest: 70+ Days

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  • Heat Level:
  • Origin: Africa
  • Species: Chinense
  • SHU: 125,000-325,000+
  • Days to Harvest: 70 - 79 days

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Michael Felber
Fuzzy butt monkey!

I love pepper joes!