Reaper Lovers Gift Box

Introducing the HOTTEST gift box known to man! The REAPER LOVERS gift box. Yes, you heard right, we now have a gift box that contains a wide variety of reaper products that will be the perfect present for those heat loving people in your life!

Everything included in this box is listed below! There's no shortage of things you can make with these wicked hot items! Gift box contains Carolina Reaper powder and dried pods for cooking that perfect spicy recipe, our original Blueberry Reaper hot sauce for those late nights with ice cream, and even some blazing-hot artisan chocolate to snack on! Share with friends so everyone can experience the sweet heat! But... there's no shame in keeping all this spicy deliciousness for yourself. On top of everything else, you'll even get free hot pepper seeds to get your own super hot garden started!

What you'll get:

Make sure to get your hands on this one of kind gift! Your spice loving friends will be filled with joy once they open up this one-of-a-kind box of spicy goodness.