Colton Eats a Jimmy Nardello Pepper - Calls it One of the Best Sweet Peppers!

Our resident expert Colton sits with us on this week's "pep"-isode to take a bite out of the Jimmy Nardello pepper, renowned as one of the best sweet-tasting peppers in the world! 

About Jimmy Nardello Pepper

The Jimmy Nardello, also known as a Jimmy Pepper, is an Italian heirloom that arrived to the US in 1887 when the Nardello clan came over from the motherland, bringing this sweet pepper with them. Not long after, the Jimmy Nardello caught on quickly with growers and has also recently gained a surge in popularity once again.

These plants are short but grow long 10" pods that twist and contort as they mature. The Jimmy Nardello contains no heat (0 SHUs), and its rich sweet flavor is so good that it has been placed in "The Ark of Taste" to preserve it. This is one pepper you've got to try once in your life!


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