Carolina Reaper Beef Jerky - 4 oz


We partnered with the Amana Meat Shop and Smokehouse, to bring you a jerky with the perfect combination of EXTREME heat and exquisite flavor. We season our jerky with freshly ground Carolina Reaper Peppers, as well as a few other wonderful flavor-sealing spices! Our Carolina Reaper beef jerky is sliced thin and cured right here in the heart of our country.

The perfect gift for heat-seeking daredevils! 

Heat Level:Extreme! 1,569,300+ Scoville heat units

Size: 4 ounces of premium-cut, old style beef jerky

 Sorry, we can't ship jerky outside the contiguous US.  

Looking to grow your own Carolina Reaper peppers? Check out our Carolina Reaper Seeds!

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