Pepper Joe's Exclusive De-Seeding Process

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Thank God for seeds. They are what makes the world go around. They are the key to life for our plants.

Here at Pepper Joe's we take our Chili seeds seriously.We only offer Heirloom seeds and Organic seeds that pass our stringent standards.NO Genetically altered seeds. NO Machines. NO Chemicals. Some of our competitors seeds are labeled "Not fit for animal or Human consumption". We just kinda have a problem with that.

Many of our hot pepper seeds we extract and process ourselves. Pepper Joe, Family, Friends and a few business Associates do all of the work. We only keep the largest, strongest seed from ripe and healthy Peppers. The runts and dark seeds we toss out. Try to find that at Wal-Mart or Burpee seeds. Other seeds we acquire from quality companies after they pass our rigid standards and guidelines.


To get Great Hot Pepper seeds you need healthy plants grown in nutrient rich soil loaded with earthworms and healthy bacteria. Also, they need to be stored at the right temperature in a dry location. Moisture is the enemy.

I don't freeze our seeds (although Mother Nature does over the Winter) because a tiny bit of air can cause Freezer burn on the tender Chili Seed. Before our Online seeds can ever become actual seeds for sale...they have to pass all of our exclusive tests.

Please only buy your Garden seeds from a reputable dealer. When you buy from the Discounters, like Lowes and are getting what you pay for. And who knows the origin of the seeds. Spend a tad bit more and SAVE $$$ in the long run. Do you know a $4 pack of Pepper Seeds can grow you well over $100 in Fresh, wholesome peppers??

Or that a $3 pack of Tomato seeds can grow you well over $200 in Red ripe tomatoes? Seeds are the best deal around.

Great Gardening,

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