Donations and Contributions

Donations from Pepper JoesNon-profits and educational institutions sometimes ask us for contributions of seeds. We like to help where we can! Here is one we sent out to the Jefferson County (Missouri) Library's seed bank. If you have a contribution you would like us to consider, please Contact Us and tell us more. We can't promise we'll be able to help every organization, but we'd certainly like to do so!

We love to learn about ways that our customers give back in their community. This video is inspiring from Debbra in O'Fallen, Missouri: "Hello this is a special thing involving the great vegetables I grew from your seeds! I'm overwhelmed that I was chosen for this & would like to thank you for the Great Seeds! They fed a lot of Elderly". Debbra Arndt

Some of our donations help school and community projects: "Thank you very much for helping us in the past and all you do", JJ Spurlin Master Gardener and Associate Professor Millis Anderson JusticeCenter Joplin, MO.

Recently one of our favorite growers in Louisiana asked us to support the efforts of the Bayou Gardener. They have a very active online forum with tips about growing all sorts of vegetables. We sent along some growing goodies for their annual event.

Another Seed Library we support is at the Beatrice Public Library in Beatrice, NE. They are located here.

How can we give back to the community together? Contact Us

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