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One of the Best Chili Peppers Out There

My special Cayenne Pepper blend. Try these in your Chile Recipes. One of our best selling pepper types. My Long Slim Cayenne...know what these costs you? '0'. It's one of my free seeds with every order. Two free packs of Chili's in all. The Pepperoncini Pepper is the perfect Pepper for pickling. It's the one you see in jars in the store. Grow your own Pepperoncini Peppers and enjoy these Chiles all year long. Dried Hot Peppers and Powdered Hot peppers . This is from one of our he organized, or what?? Put Cayenne peppers on your hot pepper list!

No matter how many Rare and Unique Hot Peppers we add to our collection, some of the Basics are still the best. The absolute BEST Chili Pepper for drying and making your own blend of Pepper powder or Pepper flakes, the Cayenne (or Capsicum pepper) still Rocks! Why? It's the Flavor and thin skin. The less moisture a Hot Pepper has, the easier it is to dry.

Drying Hot peppers can be as easy as just getting a needle and thread...and putting the needle though the stem...and hanging your new Chile Ristro in a sunny window sill. It is absolutely beautiful too.

Thai Sun Pepper aka Thai Chili pepper. These are in my personal garden grown from organic seeds. Organic vegetable seeds have more flavor and nutrition than grown with chemicals. Hot Pepper flakes and Dried Chile pods. I like to slightly roast my Cayenne's in the oven under Broil...when they quickly darken, PRESTO...gourmet Flakes with a nutty flavor. Great white Beans and Celery topped with Cayenne peppers. It's not the hottest pepper in the world...but it may be the Tastiest pepper in the world. Ghost pepper vs. the Habanero. The Ghost is much hotter. Ever try a yellow Cayenne pepper?

Cayenne peppers are one of the more resilient Chili varieties and is typically doesn't have an issue with pepper diseases. They are also so simple to grow.....just give them some TLC.

I get a lot a lot of mail on how to grow peppers so I created some website Pages just for that. Check out my FAQ or Growing Tips pages. Growing Cayenne peppers is easy and fun. Make sure you have a good soil medium and plant in a sunny location. Cayenne peppers do extremely well in try some in 5 gallon Black plastic containers. The black color attracts the Sun and heats up the root zone.

If you prefer Organic Cayenne peppers use Fish emulsion, blood meal and bone meal. There are so many types of Cayenne peppers...Tabasco peppers, Thai peppers, Kung Poa peppers (the thinnest skin of all), Serrano peppers, Charleston Hot Peppers, Peter Peppers, Fish Pepper and more. My favorites are the 'Cayenne blend which gives you a gorgeous color assortment, and my Pepper Joe Cayenne for a prolific crop.

Pepper Joe Loves Cayenne Peppers

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