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Super Hot, Very Hot, and Hot Dried Pepper Pods

Dried Chili Peppers Bundle

Dried Chili Peppers Bundle

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This set full of the hottest dried chili pods is the perfect gift for your fiery friends and family! It contains a wide assortment of different types of dried chiles that can be used while cooking, to make sauces, or eaten straight from the bag! We grew the fresh hot peppers and dehydrated into fiery goodness so you can flavor and add a kick to anything.

If you’re a heat fanatic or looking to build your heat tolerance, don’t miss out on these delicious dried chiles! You can use these to make salsas, stews and soups, curries, vegetables, and sauces for tacos and enchiladas. Don't go too crazy because a little can go a long way to spice up your day.

Our pods are harvested during their freshest and ripest and are then dehydrated. They’re sealed tightly into a package to remain fresh when they arrive at your door.

This collection contains 7 packs in total of:


  • Heat Level:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Earlene Lawson

Dried Chili Peppers Bundle

Super hot

Great product, I will enjoy

Thomas Bradigan

Dried Chili Peppers Bundle